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Focusing on Practical Growth & Operations

The Flywheel blog will focus on practical digital marketing and growth strategies, with a focus on operations and execution.

When thinking about how I might enter the already incredibly crowded space of blogs and internet marketing personalities, initially I was a hard 'no.'  After all, what could I say that hadn't been expressed dozens of times over?

Then, I took a look at the space, and saw content fall into a few buckets:
-Startup & "Growth hacker" oriented content: Often pre product-market fit
-Strategy & Market-Based Content:  Broad strokes ideas around markets and media, but without the lens of 'how.'
-Corporate content:  The 90% of web content gained more at solving a 'content creation' challenge than one intrinsically rooted in value.  What one gets when hiring a content team for a content team's sake.

I see a couple of areas in which one might differentiate:

Company Stage

There's actually a meaningful white space, the "in between" world of growth-stage businesses.  These organizations have product-market fit and are in that sweet spot, the "awkward teenage years" as some call them.  The challenges of these organizations can be quite different.  They might not be in venture zone, but are still growing 30%+ and need help scaling.

The needs of organizations are dramatically different between 2, 20, 200 and 2,000 employees.  

Having seen the scale at 12 and at 120,000 employees, and having scaled from 300 to 1,300, I feel uniquely positioned to opine on the challenges and remedies to many of the challenges facing growth-stage organizations.

Operational Focus

As human beings, we love to think about the big picture, vision and strategy.  Ideas abound, and yet most organizations fail to deliver on their strategies, or fail to do so in a timely manner.

“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.”
― Peter Drucker

The reason:  Poor execution, generally the side effect of poor operational focus.  Some of the most impactful practices in one's organization tie to execution:
Do you know how to set goals and relentlessly tie one's work to them?
Do your day to day efforts reinforce the broader business
Does excellence in operations drive a flywheel for growth?

In most organizations, ideas are championed and execution is undervalued.  Through a focus on operational management and practical approaches to marketing & growth, I hope to provide a unique perspective.

The name Flywheel references the effect that happens when strategy and operational components are in place. While I won't always be correct, I aim to share a practical perspective that one can apply to their growth stage organization.

Stay tuned for more.

About the Author

Mark Fiske

Operating Partner focused on digital & marketing strategies at H.I.G. Growth Partners. Helping growth-stage organizations scale for 15+ years. Focused on developing pragmatic, scalable solutions.

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